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Places to Visit in or Around Tampa When You Have Nothing to Do

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

It’s finally here: the one blank space on your calendar. A “me” day. Now where should you head to?

Wendy’s Closet – St. Petersburg 

Arguably the best vintage store I have been to EVER. Wendy and all of her staff are some of the most friendly people I have ever met. Retail workers are usually never this friendly, I’m not blaming them. I’ve been there, but the atmosphere of Wendy’s Closet put me in a great mood. And the selection is straight out of heaven. There is so much size and style diversity that I think I could take any of my friends here, no matter the aesthetic, and they would find something they love. Overall, come prepared to spend money, but please please please pay a visit to Wendy she is an icon. Instagram: wendyscloset_oncentral

Felicitous Coffee Shop on 51st Street – Tampa 
Photo of Plant Market at Felicitous Coffee
Original photo by Novalee Knepper

I know every USF student ever knows about Felicitous, but I have to give her an honorable mention because of the countless hours I have spent there. If you can, visit on the last Saturday of the month, as this is when they have their weekend market. They have so many plants, jewelry, and art vendors that are all local businesses in the Tampa Bay Area. Besides that, I am a proud advocate of their cheese toast with vegan cheddar, that sandwich is absolutely delicious. 

Dysfunctional Grace Art Co. – Ybor City 

If you have a weak stomach, please skip over this suggestion. This gallery is extremely out of the box with multiple dead artifacts enclosed in formaldehyde, taxidermy, and so many spooky nic-nacks. If you love an art gallery but also want to see things that you wouldn’t normally, visit Dysfunctional Grace. They also have a notebook you can sign on your way out so write something funny. 

Mojo Books and Records – Tampa 
Photo inside Mojo Books and Records
Original photo by Novalee Knepper

This is a great option if you want to stay close to USF’s campus. For book addicts who don’t want to break the bank, I got a copy of “Cujo” for only $7 here that looked practically new. The selection of books is massive, and the record choices are lovely for those of you who have a record player, or just want some wall decor. The best part is, if you haven’t stopped for coffee yet, they have a cute little coffee corner inside the store. Definitely worth a quick stop. 

Royal Suzie – Downtown Tampa

The outside of this store is what initially drove me to pull off and go inside. This crystal store is so visually pleasing, and they have such a great variety of crystals to choose from. My friend got a tarot reading here when we went together and said it was an amazing experience. They have such a knowledgeable staff and everything about this store has great energy.

Hey! My name is Novalee Knepper and I'm from Orlando, Florida. I'm an environmental science major here at USF. I love reading, journaling, thrifting, and bringing home more plants. I hope to one day write for National Geographic as a journalist.