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‘Perfect Match’: A Reality TV Fan’s Greatest Dream (and Worst Nightmare)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

Netflix’s newest reality TV, “Perfect Match’, isn’t anything new. In fact, its strength is how established it is. For those who don’t religiously watch reality TV like me, ‘Perfect Match’ is a new dating show on Netflix that takes familiar faces from other Netflix originals and unites them for a vacation in Panama. The show has all the classic components of a reality TV show: messy fights, dramatic breakups, likable (and unlikeable) personalities, and a random celebrity host (no shade Nick Lachey!). 

Netflix has finally created direct competition for ‘Bachelor in Paradise’, the spin-off most members of Bachelor Nation, including myself, seem to prefer. Reality TV shows like this are not only entertaining but encourage viewers to watch all the seasons or in the case of Netflix, other Netflix originals. This allows viewers to know the cast before the show starts.  

I have to admit. As a reality TV connoisseur, ‘Perfect Match’ was a perfect match for me. When I heard this show was being released, I was so excited to see some of my old favorites from other shows come together, especially those who I thought deserved more time on their original shows. I couldn’t wait to see how contestants from other shows would interact and maybe even date. 

However, it was also a nightmare for me. Reality TV allows contestants to have a major platform. There were several contestants I was annoyed the producers brought back. While I know a major component of reality TV is shock-value, I still didn’t enjoy some of the contestants who returned. Contestants are influencers, and screen time allows them to grow their platforms. While the show was a form of redemption for some, for others, it seemed like they didn’t change. 

Overall, ‘Perfect Match’ is a fantastic way to take the first step into the world of reality TV. The show follows the addictive reality TV formula with a great cast of fan favorites and villains. The challenges are fun, and the drama never grows stale (including the current drama after the show). ‘Perfect Match’ is a great starting point for the other reality TV shows that Netflix offers. Being able to see your favorite contestants in their original programs is very interesting. For current fans like me, it is a perfect addition to the world of reality TV. 

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