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One of the 25 Under 25: Anson Angail

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

Anson Angail
Accounting (major) & Financing (minor)
Recently named one of the 25 Under 25, freshman, but junior by credits, Anson Angail is already making his mark on campus and in the community. The 25 Under 25 program chooses exceptional undergraduates from the College of Business that have proved excellence in different professional areas. Angail explained what receiving this honor meant to him. “It means that hard work, motivation, and dedication never go unnoticed. There are over 6000 students in the College of Business and only 25 students received this recognition. That speaks volumes about the students that received this recognition. To me it is a tool to motivate other students not just in the College of Business, but the whole university to get involved, work hard, and play harder.”
Anson is involved in many organizations on campus. He is a Green and Gold Guide, which is a tour guide for the university helping prospective students choose if USF is right for them. He has the position of Senator for the College of Business in USF’s Student Government, and is part of the International Business Board at USF. He also is involved in the Bulls Business Community and the Corporate Mentor Program, where his mentor is the AVP of Accounting at Raymond James Financial. He is part of the Provost’s Scholar Program, the Honors in Business Program, and still finds time to play intramural basketball and soccer.
It is crucial to a successful college career to become involved. “I strongly believe that most of your learning is done outside of the classroom and the only way to do outside learning is to get involved,” Angail said. Not only do you learn through involvement, you have the opportunity to meet and connect with other students that will affect you.  Angail said that someone once said to him, “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.”
Angail’s dedication and involvement started when he was young. In high school, he excelled academically and graduated Valedictorian of his class. He played varsity basketball and tennis and was the President of National Honor Society and Vice-President of Key Club. He volunteered at the YMCA and at the local hospital and eventually started working for the YMCA as a Referee/Coach/Camp Counselor.
His ultimate dream job is to be an executive in a hospital. “I am passionate about healthcare and want to one day manage and run a hospital,” Angail explained.
Angails advice to younger students that want to be successful in the business field is to challenge themselves. “Expand your horizons and be true to yourself, because in the end it is your life and you will have to live with the decisions you make.” He stresses to go to all of the events that you can such as networking events, etiquette dinners, and company tours. Angail believes that one of the best ways to become successful is to get your name out by creating a Linkedin account and to get involved in a professional organization, whether it be a club or fraternity. “In addition, do not forget to have fun, smile every day and make somebody else smile every day,” Angail ended with. 

Ashley is a Chapter Advisor and currently living in Brooklyn, New York.