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It is finally October, which means it is the perfect time to blast folklore, evermore, and whatever else gets you in the autumn mood. I, personally, will definitely be indulging; as the weather gets cooler, the rainy season dies down, and I can – after a scolding hot year – wear a sweater. As a result of this new ambience, I have decided to share my personal favorite artists who embody the spirit of this season.

Taylor Swift

Starting off, we (of course) have Taylor Swift. Now, I do not associate every one of her albums with fall, however I do recommend folklore, evermore, and Red. All three of these perfectly capture the weather and mood of the season as a whole.


Clairo’s music has the ultimate relaxing fall energy. Honestly, I stream her music all year round, but blasting her songs on long drives or through your headphones when you’re studying outside could never be the wrong move.

Lana Del Rey

I absolutely love Lana’s music for a windows down car ride. The entirety of Norman f*cking Rockwell! is just amazing vibes all around, deeming it the perfect fall music.  

Madison Beer

Listen, I was never a fan of Madison Beer. No shade to her, I just never got into it previously. However, her new album, Silence Between Songs, is just amazing, and I fell in love with the “Home to Another One,” “Spinnin’,” “Showed Me,” and “17.”  

A few more artists to add to your October playlist: The Smashing Pumpkins, Strawberry Guy, Harry Styles, Conan Gray, The Beatles.

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