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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

Greek life, specifically “sorority life” is a term prone to stereotypes and negative connotations. While some of said generalizations regarding this topic may be true to some extent, my own experience being in a sorority has been more positive than one would think. Being a woman of color, I never considered the fact that a sorority would accept me due to most chapters in the United States being predominantly white.  

Going into my freshman year, I feared that I was not taking advantage of the opportunities provided by my college. Recognizing this as something that I desperately wanted to improve on, I joined academic societies, and began writing for Her Campus to increase my involvement and campus presence.  That being said, I still felt as though I was missing out on something, and not pushing myself outside of my comfort zone.

Rushing spring continuous open bidding allowed for me to join the sorority I felt most comfortable in, without the added stressors and time commitment of fall recruitment. Upon my first weeks, I began to acknowledge that being a part of a sorority was not at all what I had made it out to be prior to accepting my bid. No one seemed to care or acknowledge the fact that I may not fit the mold of “stereotypical sorority girl”.

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The takeaway I have gotten from being in a sorority thus far is that the connections you make through the process are the most valuable aspect. Through attending chapter events, socials, and meetings I have encountered so many different women, all of which have been incredible friends to me.  I would say I am not heavily involved in Greek life, but it has brought me some truly amazing people who make college life less lonely.  

Hi!! My name is Sarika and I attend USF!! I love writing about mental health awareness, fashion, relationships, and anything else I find important or interesting!! I hope u enjoy my articles:) <3