Music Monday: Jay-Z Announces New Music Streaming Service

Last week, Jay-Z announced his plans for Tidal, a music streaming service that him and several other artist co-own. Among these artist are A-listers like Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Madonna, Beyonce, J Cole, Alicia Keys and others.

Tidal will be a subscription based streaming service that offers two different prices: $9.99 for regular sound quality music and $19.99 for CD sound quality music and exclusive releases. The streaming service will be in competition with Spotify, a free music streaming service.

At Tidal’s launch, Alicia Keys said the artist hope Tidal “will forever change the course of music history.” The company will be “the first artist-owned global music and entertainment platform.”

Tidal has a mission to preserve the music. In an interview with Billboard magazine, Jay-Z said, “people are not respecting the music and devaluing what it really means.”

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