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#MEETUS(F): Cassie Abbarno

Name: Cassie


Age: 21


Major: Integrated Public Relations and Advertising


What is your HC USF position? I am the campus correspondent/president! 


Hometown: Clearwater, FL, right over the bridge!


Dream job: There are so many jobs in Advertising and PR that I dream of having! I currently work in solar marketing but being a creative director, brand specialist, or community director for a large agency is definitely the plan. Specifically I would love to work with Apple one day!


Favorite color: Yellow! You can find it in a lot of my content


Favorite dog breed: My dog is a mini aussie & rottie mix, but I LOVE border collies!!


Favorite TV Show(s): Gilmore girls, criminal minds, and the office! Gilmore girls is definitely #1 though


Sign: Capricorn sun, Scorpio moon, and Aries rising


Favorite Tampa coffee spot: Hyde park buddy brew definitely 


Favorite spot on the Tampa campus: You can usually find me in the Z school but I love hanging out in the MSC too! 


Why did you choose USF? It was the only campus that felt like home! 3 years later and I know I made the best decision. USF has allowed me growth and opportunities like no other.


Why did you join Her Campus? I joined because I knew it was a community where I would find women who had similar career goals, and it is packed full of opportunities to grow as a communications student!


What else are you up to right now? Other than Her Campus I also serve on the Executive board of USF Panhellenic as the Vice President of Online Communications. In my free time I like to work with brands on my personal social media!


I am so excited for this year as President, Her Campus has given me a platform to build a powerful community and I cannot wait to see what we can do!

Hello! My name is Cassie! I am a public relations and advertising student at the University of South Florida with a minor in leadership studies. I love digital art and finding new ways to empower women via the internet!
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