The Mannequin Challenge

Who remember's the "Harlem Shake"? Or perhaps the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Well there is a new viral internet challenge and it will stop you in your tracks. Literally.

The Mannequin Challenge started in Jacksonville, Florida at Edward H. White High School. Everyone freezes as a camera scans the scene. There is typically music playing in the background as well. But that's it! It is so easy! This new challenge does not have a purpose as the Ice Bucket Challenge did, but that hasn't stopped anyone from participating. 

Celebrities from Queen B (Destiny Child's reunion!)  to Kevin Hart have participated in this!

Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama even got in on it!

Who will join in on it next?

Although standing still seems easy, I do not think I could hold stunts like these. 

I'm interested to see how far this challenge goes. The Harlem Shake spread like wild a couple years ago, so I can imagine this one having a good month or two left on it. Check out the compilations on You Tube and comment your favorite one! Or maybe even film your own and share! We would love to see.