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Making the Most of Spring Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

Do absolutely nothing…if that’s what you need. Spring break gives a week of much-needed freedom from coursework and other responsibilities. This is the time to delete the alarms off your phone and remember that “productivity” is a made-up concept that has no concrete definition. Having a fulfilling and productive spring break is fully on your terms, not that of those on social media. 

On that note, I am going to try my best to stay off social media for spring break, probably won’t work but putting it into the universe. This break is peak time for posts that can easily make you feel jealous or just negative in general about how you chose to spend your time. If scrolling endlessly is going to make you feel bad about yourself or how you’re spending your time, this may be the time to spend away from it. 

This break I want to sleep more, read one book, and spend time outside. Low stakes activities that will put me in the right mindset coming back from break. I am currently mentally drained from midterms and whatever has been thrown at me since January, so a mental reset is beyond necessary. Self care is another great habit to get into if you have free time over the break. This can look like taking a nap, doing a facemask, meditation, or anything you could think of. 

Not everyone’s spring break involves yachts in Miami, but this time can still be so valuable in improving mental health after a long first half of the semester. Make the most of it in whatever way works best for you!

Hey! My name is Novalee Knepper and I'm from Orlando, Florida. I'm an environmental science major here at USF. I love reading, journaling, thrifting, and bringing home more plants. I hope to one day write for National Geographic as a journalist.