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A Love Story for the New Age: 5 Reasons to be on Tinder

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If you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years and don’t know what Tinder is, I’m here to explain. Think of it as Match.com for millennials. You swipe through different people’s profiles: Right if you’re a fan, left if you’re not. (Yes, you’re judging these people purely based on physically appearance.) A solid app for our generation and priorities, if you ask me. Here’s a few perks of using it—you can thank me later!

1.   The people you match with are nearby. The prime spot to swipe is on a college campus because everyone you’ll meet is relatively close to where you are. This also brings up the potential of running into one of your matches in class and/or just walking around campus. Along with that (not at all awkward) convenience, Tinder lets you see how far people are from you, be it five miles, three miles, or even less than a mile away! Don’t you just love location services?

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2.   You’re bored. Do you want to spice up your social media life? Are you tired of seeing the same posts on Instagram and Twitter? Do you keep refreshing your apps, but no one else seems to be spending hours on social media like you are? Well, download Tinder. The app is ever-changing—there are fresh faces everyday, waiting for you to swipe right so they can be your new Internet boo.

3.   You’re feeling insecure. Don’t forget that Tinder matches are based solely on the pictures in your profile. Yes, there’s an option to write a bio, but who cares what people think about themselves, anyway? The pictures you upload speak for your character enough. Looking for a hook up? Post something a little sexy. Trying to settle down? Hit ‘em with that soft smile. Just bored and looking for attention? The classic duck face will do. No matter what, you’ll always have new matches waiting for you.

                                                             Image from Max Pixel

4.   There are endless opportunities. What you get out of Tinder is truly up to you: The power of the swipe is in your hands. You can establish friends, long-term relationships, or even study partners. One of my favorite features is that you can swipe in a group with your friends to match with other groups. Your boring, Netflix binge-watching Friday nights are a little more entertaining when you go out with people whose names you can barely remember…in public.

5.   It’ll make your parents proud. *Cue “Down in the DMs” by Yo Gotti* If you ever need a quick date to the dreaded Sunday night family dinner or your friend’s cousin’s wedding, just start swiping! I suggest if you have such specific needs, you establish that in your bio so your matches aren’t surprised when that’s the first thing you ask. And when your parents ask how you two lovebirds met, you can say in unison “Tinder!” And if your parents shame you for swiping until your thumbs fall off, just tell them to get with the times.

Did you stop in the middle of reading this to download Tinder? Honestly, what’s stopping you? If you aren’t too concerned with privacy, want an excuse to waste even more time on social media, need to feed your fragile ego, and don’t have a problem meeting up with randoms, I’m not sure how you’ll ever find your soulmate. Happy swiping!

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