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Keeping up an Exciting and Upbeat Long-Distance Relationship

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

As a person who shares an apartment and friend group with very lovey-dovey couples, it can get overwhelming. “Why?”—you may ask—because having a long-distance relationship during this time of the year is hard, and the feeling of FOMO just intensifies.

So here I give you my formula for keeping an exciting and upbeat long-distance relationship ALL YEAR ROUND.

Schedule Dates and Hangouts

A big part of long-distancing is understanding that, unlike other couples that live close by, you don’t get to spend so much time with your significant other. Keeping the romantic and exciting aspect of the relationship is always important! Personally, my partner and I have two “date nights” per week.

Date nights are normally on Sunday! We dress up from head to toe, just like we were going out in real life. We also cook together and try to make the same meal to feel that we are eating in the same “restaurant,” or place! Aside from eating and dressing up, we also play online games (so grateful for mobile Mario Kart) and do fun activities together like drawing each other, writing short stories, and just hanging out on FaceTime. On the other hand, we have Movie Nights on Tuesdays. We take turns choosing a movie and we watch it while on FaceTime because Netflix Party is only through chat (hellooo I wanna see my partner’s face, thank you!)

OOTD & Songs of the Day

My partner and I like to text before our day starts or as our day is starting. We give each other an update of what we are planning to do throughout the day and send pictures of our outfits and songs that remind us of each other. I have a folder on my camera roll with all the pictures I get of cool outfits on my partner’s work mirror, and he does the exact same thing with me! We hype each other up during the start of our day, sending the best vibes, long and sweet voice memos, and lots of compliments just to lift each other up!

Traveling Plans?

My partner and I are lucky to have jobs and a somewhat regular income that allows us to split train/plane tickets so we can visit. Normally, my partner travels here once a month so we can spend over 4 days together. It is always very special to see each other in person after a long time! NEVERTHELESS, this is not always the case. We sometimes don’t have the means to see each other for longer periods of time, and that’s completely fine! The important thing here is to make every single moment of your relationship count—doesn’t matter if it is in person or not—this is a relationship, and all its aspects are special.

Hi, I am Fabs! I am a writer for Her Campus at the University of South Florida. I am a PR and Advertising major with a minor in Creative Writing. Things you should know about me are: I am a Taurus, I love reading young adult and poetry books, I have an art business, and my native language is Spanish!