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Justin Eisenmann

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

Justin Eisenmann

Chemical Engineering major


Justin is a sophomore at USF majoring in Chemical Engineering. He is from Mount Laurel, New Jersey where he was a competitive swimmer since age 8, but decided to go south for college because he desired warmer weather and was interested in USF’s engineering program. He chose a Chemical Engineering major because he likes chemistry and is following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.

When he is not busy with school, Justin likes to work out, spend time with his friends and cook. “I’m a really good cook,” Justin says, “One of my favorite things to cook is chicken parmesan.” He also considers himself a perfectionist when it comes to keeping things clean. He prides himself on a clean car and a clean apartment. Yes, ladies, a man that can cook and clean. He’s also willing watch chick flicks with you, and when asked how he feels about girls who listen to Taylor Swift he admitted he is a fan of “T-Swizzle” himself.

His favorite movie is Wedding Crashers for the “romance and bromance,” and if he’s with a girl he also enjoys watching movies like She’s Out of My League, How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days and Bridesmaids. When it comes to an ideal first date he is quite the romantic. He says he likes to take a girl to experience something new and then “bring them home to watch a movie like a romantic comedy while drinking champagne and eating strawberries.” Some of his other interests include cars, working out at the campus rec center and just being active. 

If you think it’s too good to be true for such an ideal guy to be single, you are wrong. Justin is an eligible bachelor waiting for the right girl to come around. He is seeking someone educated, with a fun personality and a good sense of humor. He says he is just looking for a girl that is self-motivated with interests similar to his. He claims that, “without these qualities it is hard to stay interested in a girl for more than a week.” Physically, he is attracted to tan, blue-eyed blondes, but that’s not a requirement.  Because he is 6’ 3”, he also prefers tall girls.


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