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Anna Schultz-Friends Facing Lake
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It may be time to splurge on bathing suits

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

As a Floridian,  I would say my bathing suit collection is smaller than average. I have to admit, my Zara one pieces and Zaful bikinis have really held on these past couple of years but recently, higher end bathing suits have really caught my eye. I bought a couple pieces from Loleia Swim, Kulani Kinis, and Triangl. I have to say they definitely opened the doors to a risky obsession. I’ve never had bikini bottoms that fit as great as the Loleia swim ones, the Scrunchie bottoms to be exact. Triangl bikinis will always be a fan favorite as we’ve seen them evolve from full-coverage to cheeky bottoms and from neoprene to sparkle and velvet materials. 

I’m not encouraging spending money on a 30 suit collection (especially as a college student). But, maybe having those five staple bikinis is a good idea. The five bathing suits can range from a perfect black one piece you feel comfortable in, a family friendly bikini, a skimpy vacation kini, a strapless colorful bikini, and a colorful one piece that makes you feel HOT and confident. I feel that for one pieces, Gooseberry Swimwear and Riot Swim would be great options. Both are available in many colors! These two brands range from $100 to $150. One brand I hear great things about is Hunza G. Their bathing suits are in the $200 range, but these pieces are meant to grow with you since they use super stretchy form fitting fabric. A brand that has a similar style would be Elysiian Swim and their Balboa collection where each piece is in the $50 range. Another brand that seems beautiful which is also on Revolve is Tropic of C, and they range from $80 to $95. 

Personally, the more expensive bathing suits fit my body better and the quality is amazing. Depending on your lifestyle and what you like to do at the beach, looking for sporty bathing suits that you can play volleyball in or even surf in is also something to keep in mind. Start out with one and see how you like it. Best to try them out now before summer gets here :D! 

Hi! I'm a junior with a psych major and a nutrition minor. I love to travel and meet new people. Feel free to follow me on instagram! @gabyytovarr