If You Love Acai Bowls, Then You have to Try This Place

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Why are acai bowls so good? Since the first time I've tasted one, I've been on a hunt to find a good place that makes the most bomb acai bowls. By the way, it's okay if you don't know what an acai bowl is. It's basically a thick blend of deliciously rich antioxidants that are from acai berries that are grown in South America. Then toppings to your liking are added. Thankfully, Tampa has a few good places. But I narrowed it down to one unbelievably delicious place in the 813. 

Photo: Yelp

Located in a cute lime green building on North Florida Avenue, about ten minutes off campus, is my number one pick for acai bowls. An intimate yet brightly lit space that offers window bar seating or a table for four. Outside of their Instagram-able aesthetics, Whatever Pops & Bowls offers everything from ice pops to waffles on a stick. They are best known for their superfood acai bowls. Recommendation for a first timer there is the Whatever Bowl. Made with a special blend of acai berries and coconut water topped with your choice of two or more fruits off of their many choices. They serve a hardy amount for only $8.

Photo: Yelp

If acai bowls aren't your thing, that's okay. My favorite thing about Whatever Pops & Bowls is they offer an endless menu of healthy treats. You also have the option of making them as unhealthy as you wish. 


Whatever Pops & Bowls is a perfect spot to study, hang out with friends or go on a date. It's never packed or busy. Perfect chill spot for young adults. Oh, don't forget to ask about their secret menu.