I Choose The Sky: An Ode To Women

Men often say women are complicated. Why? Because she doesn’t know what she wants, she is always in her feelings and so on.

I agree. Women are complicated, but not for those reasons.

I started reading a book called “I Choose the Sky” by Emily Wilson, in the past weeks. This book explicitly points out the grace and beauty womanhood and how to preserve it.

“The woman is by nature more naturally disposed to the interior movements of her heart, to deep contemplation, to earlier emotional maturity, and to greater emotional presence.” (III, Forward by Mark Hart)

Think about it.

That right there is what makes women complicated. That right there is beautiful.  The fact that she is naturally disposed to care for others is something. Every single woman is so gorgeous both internally and externally.

Unfortunately, this is beauty is no portrayed in our modern culture. Women are reduced to sexual objects and looked down upon in the work place. This is not right. This objectification perspective is slowly becoming a norm, because some women think it is OK to be portrayed as a sexual object. It is seen as a desirable trait. But this is wrong. There is more to the woman than that. We are more than that.

It is time that we take a stand and show our true beauty. We must realize our self-worth. Each one of us has value, and we should not bring ourselves down to please another. Your worth surpasses monetary value. You mean so much to someone in this world. Once we can recognize our worth, we will be able to hold our heads up high and let our voices be heard.

We should recognize that we are beautiful. There are so many unachievable, unrealistic beauty standards in the society today.  Those standards do not define your beauty. As a matter of fact, if anyone thinks of you lesser because you don’t meet societal beauty standards, their friendship is questionable. You set your own beauty standards. You are your life’s artist. You have the brush, so don’t let unrealistic beauty standards stop you from creating your own uninfluenced masterpiece.

Womanhood is precious. Womanhood is a gem to be cherished. So be proud of who you are. Be you and be beautiful.