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How To Pick Yourself Up And Become “That Girl” Again

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

I’m sure we’ve all seen those “that girl” TikToks. You know, where the girls wake up at 6am every day, make their morning iced coffee, go to the gym then study for most of the day while eating the healthiest meals. Rest assured, this is not exactly the “that girl” mentality I’m talking about. Don’t get me wrong, if this is your daily routine, I genuinely wish I had this discipline, but sometimes life gets annoying. You may go through a friendship breakup, a relationship breakup, get a bad grade, or overall just have some days where you think, Why does everything keep going wrong? For me, this whole semester has felt like that and I’m going to share some small habits I’ve picked up that helped pick me back up and make me feel like my version of “that girl” again. 

Clean your space and make it your home

I’m not gonna lie, sometimes my bedroom floor has clothes all over it and you have to play hopscotch in order to dodge it, but trying to keep my room tidy: mopping the floor once a week, hanging up all my clothes, and doing laundry regularly really helps me feel like at least one aspect of my life is put together. Furthermore, I highly suggest decorating your room or apartment to reflect your aesthetic, as well as adding a signature scent that makes you feel at peace. I personally didn’t like my apartment the first month as it was barely decorated, but now it has couch covers, artificial leaves and smells like pumpkin spice and I find myself not wanting to leave. 

Find your style and feel your best

Again, I want to reiterate that this doesn’t necessarily mean putting on your best outfit and doing a full face of makeup every morning. But finding a style you truly like and feel confident wearing can really help you feel your best. Personally, I find myself feeling more confident when I’m wearing an outfit I really like and putting effort into how I look. If you’re not sure what exactly your style is, Pinterest tends to help me and I even get inspiration from seeing how other people dress on campus. I personally have found that my style is cargo pants with either basic tees or long sleeves for fall. I pair this with some gold jewelry, my favorite chunky sneakers, apply minimal makeup and I’ve noticed how my confidence improves. The theory is once you feel confident in how you look and feel, you radiate this positive energy to other people and they will return it you. 

Focus on things you’re passionate about

Whether you’re sticking to a study schedule because you’re determined to get good grades this semester, going to the gym regularly, or even joining a sports club, do it! I highly encourage you to make a list of goals you may have or things that make you happy and simply do it! It can be scary at first but the key is to stay committed and once you start seeing results (like better grades or the gym body you want), you will start becoming your version of “that girl.”

Have a “powerful woman” playlist

Now while this may seem really simple, music tends to influence my emotions. If I’m listening to sad music, I tend to get nostalgic. Putting on a “powerful woman” playlist where you feel empowered and confident is a very important last step to becoming the invincible woman that you want to be! Here are five of the most played songs in my playlist:

  • “Power” by Little Mix
  • “The Man” by Taylor Swift 
  • “Oh No” by Marina and the Diamonds 
  • “She’s so gone” by Naomi Scott
  • “Greedy” by Tate Mcrae
Hi! My name is Hayley and I'm currently studying computer science. I love Taylor Swift, iced matcha and writing articles:)