How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

Over the summer, you unexpectedly met a guy that is perfect for you in every way. When you are together, you can never wipe that goofy smile from your face because he is either complimenting your fabulous personality or telling you the best joke you have ever heard. It seems as though love found you when you weren’t looking, just like they always say. The only problem is that the summer is over and he goes to school 300 miles away from you. After having “the talk,” you both decide that you are willing to try out a long-distance relationship. Freak out time, right? Wrong! While having a long-distance relationship in college seems impossible, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it can even be fun!

· Snail mail anyone? – Who doesn’t love getting snail mail? Take your long distance opportunity to let him know you are thinking about him even when you do not get to see each other often. Send him a funny greeting card with a sweet message to give him a laugh. Or even better, make a care package filled with a mix CD with songs that you both jammed to over the summer, his favorite candy and a framed photo of you two. When he sees how much thought you put into putting it together, he won’t be able to stop thinking about you.

· Fake it till you make it– Whether you are a three hour drive or a three hour plane ride apart, being far away from the person you are in a relationship with is never easy. There will be rough days when you wonder if the relationship is worth all the time and effort you are putting into it; he will probably have the same thoughts. What is important to remember is that having doubts will happen and it is perfectly normal. The key is to encourage each other when the other is feeling down. When you both condone your negative mindsets, it is easy to throw up your hands and say “I give up”! However, when he knows you are being supportive of not only him, but also the relationship, he will be more likely to cheer up.

· Make your time together like a mini vacation –
One benefit you have in a long distance relationship is the ever so clichéd phrase, “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” It is so true! Keep that in mind when planning a visit together. Clear your work schedule as best as you can and get a jumpstart on all of your homework so you can spend your time focusing on each other and having fun! It’s like a little getaway, especially if he lives in a city you’re not too familiar with. Go out to his favorite restaurant, spend time getting to know his friends and explore places neither of you have been before. It’s an exciting way to make new memories together. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

· Try to make it work, but do not depend your life on it – It is almost inevitable that when you start an LDR, you face loads of criticism from your family, friends and even people you hardly know. Because of that, it might light a fire under your butt to make it work no matter what. On one hand, this can be a good attitude to have when times get rough. On the other, no relationship is worth sacrificing your own happiness, distance or no distance. If you are remaining in a relationship when you are truly unhappy just to prove to everyone you could do it, you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Just like every other relationship, it is most important to help each other strive to be the best they can be. If he is not doing that for you, it is time to move on.

Not so impossible right? When in doubt, keep in mind that nothing worth having comes easy. As long as you both put as much effort into the relationship as you can, you may end up happily surprised at the outcome. Good luck!

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