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How to Prepare for the Temperamental Florida Weather

Lately these Tampa temperatures have not been cutting it. One day the high is 46 and the next it is 70! Getting dressed in the morning has become a serious struggle. But struggle no more, Her Campus wants to help you out. Here are a few tips and funny memes to prepare for the weather of the day.

Check the forecast.

Watch the news or get a weather app on your phone. The weather forecast is available through many different outlets and it is actually helpful. The best thing to do is look for a weather forecast that will tell you the temperatures throughout the day and not just the high and low temperatures. Also check for chance of rain because Tampa has been pretty unpredictable lately.

Wear layers.

Wear a long sleeve shirt and jacket on the really cold days. Get items that are easy to take off throughout the day just in case it starts to warm up. If you don’t start your day out with a scarf and it’s supposed to get cooler as the day goes on, pack a scarf in your backpack just in case. I’ve even seen blankets draped over shoulders, so take advantage of any way to stay warm. Staying warm means not getting sick, so don’t be self-conscious about putting on lots of layers.

Get coffee.

Whichever is your hot drink of choice, get it on your way to class. You can even save money by having your own coffee or tea maker readily available in your room. I guarantee it will make a difference on that cold walk to class. If anything, a nice hot cup will keep your hands warm.

Have lip balm.

Then, have a back-up lip balm just in case. This cold weather can be rough on your lips, so be ready ahead of time to keep them soft and smooth. If I ever leave my dorm without lip balm, I usually end up going back to get it or buying a new one while I’m out. It is easy to avoid that problem though: keep a back-up. Having lip balm and a lip balm back-up is essential! I personally love just a simple EOS, but Revlon Kissable Balm and Maybelline Baby Lips in various colors are great too! There are so many different lip balms so try out brands until you find what you like best.

Overall, the best way to be ready for the weather is to just be aware of what’s outside your window and plan ahead!


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