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How to Keep Your Room Organized

Let’s face it collegiettes™, when we moved into our dorms our first year, we feared that we wouldn’t have enough space for our seemingly endless belongings. If we decided to live on campus for the next year, we would repeat the same process again. However, one thing we should all agree on is the importance of keeping that dorm room organized. It seems downright impossible at times. But despite that, the feeling of walking into an organized room where you know the whereabouts of all your belongings is a feeling like no other. It helps you keep yourself composed, and makes you feel like your hectic life is just that much more organized. It’s time to make Monica Geller proud with a few tips to keep your room organized.

1. Magazine holders

If Her Campus published on paper, you’d definitely keep all of your monthly issues here. But for now, keep those notebooks in their place. A neat trick is to keep your Monday/Wednesday classes in one, while the Tuesday/Thursday notebooks go in the other (saves time for when you inevitably oversleep).

2. Space saving lamp

Ah, Target, you never fail us. Many of you may have seen this or something similar. It’s a space saver, but in other other words – a life saver. If you’re on the Elle Woods scale of organizing, keep the pencils and highlighters in one compartment and your plethora of pens you’re going to lose two weeks into the semester in the other.

3. Boxes, boxes, boxes

Now we tackle the closet. Whether you’re at home with a walk-in or at the dorm with what feels like a cupboard, it’s the one place which never seems to stay organized the way you want it to. Having these boxes at the bottom of your closet can serve multiple purposes. Put your purses there to avoid the cluster on a single hanger. Put the lotions and deodorants we know you’re stocking up on. Even put your straighteners and curlers there to avoid the tangle of wires with your roommates’ things! (Space saver for the bathroom *contains excitement*)

4. The biggest secret of all: MAINTAIN IT!

No matter how many products you buy or how many times you use organization as an excuse to shop on Amazon, the best way to keep your room organized is to simply maintain it. Yes, it is easy to lose track of this when you’ve only got 15 minutes in between classes and you had to hurry back to the dorm for something, but take some time at the end of the day to make sure everything is in place. That extra ten minutes you spend organizing is much better than the hours you might have to spend when moving out.

Are you in need of more helpful tips and tricks? Whether you are organizing your room or your love life, Her Campus is here to help. We’re publishing a book so pre-order yours today!

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