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Herstory: Building an Empire

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Rihanna has become an icon of the current scene. From her talent to her provocative style, she is everywhere.


This young woman from Barbados has become a great inspiration for millions of people all over the world, because, beyond her music, everyone applauds that she has reached a dream that seems impossible to many, along with growing an empire that is still expanding.

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Whether it be from her style, music, business ventures, or a mix of all, at 30-years-old Rihanna’s career is impressive: she has sold 50 million albums and around 210 million singles. To date, she’s won nine Grammy awards, headlined music charts at least 75 times, and has 3,000 million hits on YouTube. She has more than 85 million followers on Facebook and more than 34 million on Twitter. According to Forbes, last year her earnings were $43 million dollars.


Despite her success over the years, she had to overcome a tough upbringing in Barbados. She lived with her parents and her two brothers in a bungalow of only three rooms and when she was a little girl. She accompanied her father to sell clothes in a street stall. He was addicted to drugs and alcohol, which left a mark on her childhood and caused her parents to get divorced when she turned fourteen.


However, it was in music that she found shelter, forming a trio with classmates in high school. In 2003, she sent one of her projects to music producer Evan Rogers, whom she had met through mutual friends. After listening to her, they both traveled to New York so she could record some demos, which they sent to several record labels. It was rapper Jay-Z, who finally introduced her to his own label, Def Jam Records. In 2005, her great dream had come true and Rihanna positioned herself as one of the most famous musical revelations of the moment.

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Rihanna has consolidated her career, not only thanks to music. She has also ventured into the cinema with films like Battleship and This is the End. She has given free rein to her passion for fashion, becoming a designer and collaborating with firms such as Armani and Balmain to inspire clothing lines. She has also brought several fragrances to the market and in 2017, launched her acclaimed makeup company, Fenty Beauty. Additionally, Harper’s Bazaar announced March 6, 2018 the star could also launch a lingerie collection soon.

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The singer has also lent her help to various causes of philanthropy. Thanks to the Clara Lionel Foundation, created in 2012 by the artist and named in honor of her grandparents, several girls from the African country of Malawi have been able to benefit from improvements in their education. Rihanna not only sings, designs and creates, but also has known how to use her influence to help others and show her more human profile, a fact that led her to be awarded as “humanitarian of the year” by Harvard University.


With the motto of “Never a failure, always a lesson” tattooed on her skin, Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a clear example of persistence, courage and humanity.

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