Greg Joseph

Greg Joseph
Psychology major
How old are you? “21.”
What is your relationship status? “Taken.”
Hometown? “Orlando, Florida.”
Why did you chose to come to USF? “I wanted to go somewhere that wasn’t super far away, but wasn’t too close to home like UCF.  Also because I wanted to study pharmacy at the time.”
Why did you chose to be a psychology major? “I wanted to find a career where I can help people in anyway I can.”
What do you like to do for fun? “I like to hang out with friends, watch movies, eat, sleep, watch anime and listen to music.”
What’s favorite memory from freshman year? “Going to the homecoming carnival at the Meadows and seeing 30 Second’s to Mars perform on campus for the mtvU Campus Invasion.
What are your post-graduation plans? “To apply to grad school here or out of state and get my master’s or doctorate in psychology.”
What has been your favorite class at USF? “Drugs and Behavior.”
Where do you like to hang out on campus? “The library and the Marshall Center.”
What are your goals for the year? “To graduate, find a job, be more active and learn to cook new, exciting foods.”