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Good Eats for Vegetarians in Tampa

Perhaps you are new to Tampa or maybe even new to vegetarianism, either way I bet you are eager to learn about some of Tampa’s best spots for a vegetarian to dine. Luckily, Tampa offers many places to choose from, and even if a restaurant is not completely vegetarian, there will still be something on the menu a vegetarian can enjoy.

Five Favorite Places to Eat as Vegetarian:

Ella’s American Folk Art Café
5119 N. Nebraska Ave Tampa, Fl. 33603

Ella’s is many vegetarians and artists favorite place to dine. It is an authentic restaurant that offers tasty appetizers, soups, salads, pizzas, burgers, entrees and desserts. The décor placed inside and outside of the restaurant are handcrafted, original pieces that were created by local artists, which are featured on Ella’s website. A special menu that represents the south is offered every Sunday during Soul Food Sundays. With a delicious menu, authentic art and great music, you will leave Ella’s with every intention to return.

Taco Bus
2320 E. Fletcher Ave Tampa, Fl. 33612
(813) 977-6808
Other locations in Tampa, Downtown and St. Pete

With a new location that just recently opened its doors near the USF Tampa campus, Taco Bus is growing more popular each day. They make it so simple for a vegetarian to enjoy authentic, Mexican cuisine, even late into the night. They offer tempeh or vegan steak strips as substitute meat fillers for classic Mexican meals such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas and tostados. However, the Taco Bus menu doesn’t stop there; they also offer an actual vegetarian menu that has six different delicious meals to choose from. Check out their menu and don’t forget to order some flan for dessert.

Wood Fired Pizza and Nightlife
2822 East Bearss Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33613
(813) 341-2900

Almost everyone loves pizza, especially authentic, hot pizza from a wood fired oven. Wood Fired thrives on freshness by eliminating the use of microwaves and freezers. They offer starters, such as hummus and peso tomato, various bread wedges, salads, all of which are meat free, and of course an absolutely glorious pizza menu. Wood Fired goes beyond the traditional toppings and offers goat and sheep cheeses, pine nuts, organic herbs and Brussels sprouts, just to name a few. Wood Fired is also a great choice for a date night thanks to its romantic atmosphere: dim lights, candles on every table and soft music. If you and your date are over 21, your server will be more than happy to tell you about their impressive wine selections.

2576 E. Fowler Ave. Tampa, Fl. 33612
(813) 971-4360
Many other locations available

Chipotle is another Mexican grill that aims to serve food with integrity. Chipotle works hard at trying to support family farmers who raise animals that are antibiotic, hormone free and those that offer organic and local produce. On their menu you will have an option of selecting a burrito, burrito bowl, crispy or soft tacos, or a salad. You then choose your fillings from all of their yummy selections such as cilantro-lime rice, fajita vegetables, beans and salsas. Vegetarian meals are given guacamole as a substitute for meat.

Pita Pit
2309 East fowler Ave. Tampa, Fl 33612
(813) 910-1669
Many other locations available

Vegetarians, say hello to your little friend, the falafel. For many vegetarians falafels are a must eat; rolled chick peas, combined with all sorts of veggies, stuffed in a pita, and then topped off with tahini sauce; it’s a guilt free, nutritional way to fill your belly. Once you burn yourself out on falafels, if that’s even possible, there are many other animal friendly pitas to choose from their veggie pitas menu. They also offer breakfast foods, soups, salads and smoothies.

Always have an open mind.

As a vegetarian, things can get a bit frustrating when it comes to eating with friends and family. Remind them to always have an open mind and that many vegetarian dishes are quite tasty and nutritious. Many places that your meat eating friends enjoy also offer vegetarian meals, such as Subway with their veggie patty sub, ultimate veggie and veggie delight, and Burger King with their veggie burger. You, as a vegetarian, especially a new vegetarian, should always have an open mind as well. It is important to explore new places to eat, recipes to cook and to research ways of staying healthy and nutritionally balanced as a vegetarian. You should never become bored with your vegetarian diet; it has too much to offer you. So eat up vegetarians and always enjoy!

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