Glossier's Trendy New Line you Must Try

The latest launch from Glossier is here, and it is unlike anything the brand has released.

Glossier Play is the latest release from the typically millennial-pink brand, but Play goes against the typical Glossier aesthetic. Play is bold, vibrant, and, of course, playful. Despite Glossier usually releasing minimal, light coverage products, Play is primarily made of bold, glittery, party-forward makeup.

This launch is so unique from the rest of the brand they made its own sub-brand. Glossier Play emphasizes the best part about going out is getting ready.

The collection includes four new makeup products and two tools. The makeup includes Color Slide, Vinylic Lip, Niteshine, and Glitter Gelée.

Color Slide is a gel-pencil eyeliner featuring 14 shades.

Photo courtesy of Glossier

Vinylic Lip is a high-shine gloss, including six colors.

Photo courtesy of Glossier

Niteshine is a liquid highlighter, providing an illuminating sheen. I imagine this will give much more of a glow than Haloscope.

Photo courtesy of Glossier

Glitter Gelée is multi-dimensional paillettes, giving your eyes a glossy, glittery finish from a selection of four shades.

Photo courtesy of Glossier

Play is a step forward for Glossier by shedding its skin as minimal and basic beauty. Play is a way for all beauty lovers to have more fun with their routine as they prepare to go out by adding a bit of glitter and shine to the night. You can buy the products on Glossier’s website, and if you shop through you can receive 10% off. I will make a small commission.

I will be trying Color Slide, Vinylic Lip, and Niteshine, so I would love to know what interests you about the collection as well.