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A Girl’s Best Friend: The Humane Society of Tampa

Have you ever wondered how moving from your parents’ house to go to college would affect you? Well, for me leaving their house was especially hard because I had to leave my best friend behind, my dog Mel. Since that moment, I knew I would miss her and that I would need to find
another way to fulfill that blank space in my life. But I knew it was not fair to adopt another dog since I would be at school most of the time.

While talking to some friends, they introduced me to the Humane Society of Florida, located at 3607 N Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33607. During my first visit, I knew that I would not be the only one helping someone because they would be helping me as well. It was an exchange of love, and honestly, that is all they were asking for.

The Humane Society of Tampa has been helping animals since 1912 and providing them hope every day. With a goal of 8,700, they have been
able to save 6,781 animals in 2018 alone. Not only do they have dogs and cats, but they also have rabbits and other animals that are always welcome.

Photo courtesy of Gabriela Masiero

Not only do they provide services for all the animals located in the shelter, but they also have another hospital located across the street that serves the community at a fair cost.

The Animal Health Center is open from 8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and they are located at 3809 N. Armenia Avenue, in Tampa FL.

They advise visitors to arrive early because the space can get very busy in the afternoon. Their work goes above and beyond reaching our Tampa
community and pets.

Photo courtesy of Gabriela Masiero

There are three ways that we can give back and help the Humane Society of Tampa: volunteering, school service hours, and fostering our little friends that need special care. Whatever is the right fit for you, you can be sure that it is going to change the life of the animals that have been lacking love and attention as well as help them find the forever home they deserve. What we usually do not realize is that they need us as much as we need them.

Volunteering for a good cause, mainly for those who love animals, changes us completely. We start to feel more grateful and offer our little friends extra love.

Photo courtesy of Gabriela Masiero

Hi! My name is Gabriela and I am studying Communication at USF. Writing has been a self-discover journey and a way to express my ideas to the world. As a student passionate about learning, music, dance, theater, diversity and helping others, there is many things I would like to share with you!
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