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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

Hi all! I hope the midterm season is going well for everyone and you are all acing your tests. I absolutely love going to concerts and this upcoming week, I am lucky enough to get to go to Noah Kahan! He is one of my all time favorite artists, so I got the idea to give everyone some outfit inspo and general preparations to take before going to a concert.

Tip number one: Plan your outfit! 

This might seem obvious, but base your outfit on the artist’s vibe, as well as incorporate your own personality into it. Noah, for example, is a lot more folk-esque, so more earth-toned clothes will definitely be prominent there. My outfit incorporates what I feel most comfortable in, on top of searching up what others wore on Pinterest. I’m wearing overalls, a white tube top underneath, and probably either white converse or new balances. For accessories, I’m putting a white sheer bandana in my hair for extra effect. I am for sure going to be wearing comfy shoes because of how long the set list is, so be sure to check how long your fave artist is going to be on stage for. Overall, you can definitely make this a fun activity to plan with your friends who you’re going with!

Tip number two: Stay hydrated and well-fed

With most concerts including standing, or being in an outdoor space, making sure you stay hydrated is incredibly important. You want to be able to enjoy the concert to your fullest capacity, so make sure you have all needs covered in those areas. Especially for outdoor concerts, loading up on not only water, but electrolytes will help a ton and your body will thank you later!

Tip number three: Know your plan on when to get there, and who to get there with

Some concerts are huge and require a general knowledge of the venue to get around. Knowing when to get there by preemptively mapping out traffic and what time merch tents open is so so helpful. Making sure you know who in your friend group is driving, or if you all are taking an Uber or getting dropped off is incredibly important. This also includes keeping a portable charger on you, and making sure that you have your wallet, keys, and any other personal belongings that you need on the daily. Having a plan in advance helps the day go smoother, and helps everyone get what merch they’ve been waiting for. 

    Here is a checklist of what I’ll be bringing to the Noah Kahan Concert!

    • Purse
    • Phone (this is a must lol)
    • Chapstick
    • Oil Blotting Sheets
    • Keys
    • Wallet
    • Water Bottles (or purchasing at the venue!)
    • Mascara (Because I will probably cry it off)
    • Extra Hair Ties
    • Spray Deodorant (The venue is outside…iykyk)
    • Portable Charger

    I hope you all have an amazing upcoming Stick Season with these fall months approaching, and hope whatever concerts you go to are a once in a lifetime experience! 

    Hi ! My name is Jess and I'm a second year at USF Tampa studying criminology with a minor in intelligence studies. I love iced chais, anything crystal related, and writing advice articles!