FASHION FRIDAY: Spring 2013 Trend Report

In the new year, a fashion lover's most important question usually pertains to the trends for the upcoming year. After seeing the highlights of NYFW's Spring/Summer shows, these are the trends I've seen replicated in stores that I think will be popular in the next few months.

Stripes & Graphic Prints

I think that stripes are a recurring spring and summer trend and this year will be no different. This year, I think designers are leaning toward wider stripes in black, white, red and blue. I've also seen a lot of different graphic prints and polka dots in stores. Honeycomb graphics seem to be among the prints that are gaining steam. I think that stripes are a great classic wardrobe staple, so finding them in different forms can be exciting, since you'll be able to wear them forever. I'm excited to see if mixing graphic prints becomes popular and how people will pull that off. Designers who prominently featured this trend in their S/S 2013 shows include Micheal Kors and Marc Jacobs (pictured above).

Luxe Leather

I started seeing leather pop up in different forms in late fall and early winter. Leather tops and shorts were the first items to gain popularity and the trend will continue to grow this season. Leather dresses and skirts will be popular this season. I really like the way that this trend has been incorporated because leather is usually thought of as an edgy must-have piece in the form of a bag, boots or jacket, but designers like Theysken's Theory and Jason Wu (pictures above) have found ways to make leather look luxurious and delicate. I'm glad that designers are reinventing staples in innovative ways and am excited to see how this continues.

Nefarious Neon

Neon can be pretty tough for most people to wear outside of a costume situation, but it seems to be making a comeback in so pretty exciting ways. The S/S runways were filled with bubble gum pinks, bright blues and electric yellows. Since spring is usually associated with pastels, it's nice to see a change in the seasons color palette instead of sticking with the familiar.   Designers were even pairing neon with more neon; a bold choice that seemed pay off for a lot of the looks. Proenza Schouler (pictured above), Oscar de la Renta and Louis Vuitton were some of the designers that allowed neon to grace their runways.

Cropped Pants

After spending the winter in heavier, warm dress pants, tights or (let's be honest here) sweat pants, moving on to cropped pants and capris seems like a natural progression as temperatures start to heat up. I really like the way that crops can be paired with every type of shoe from flats to booties without messing with the proportions of almost any outfits.  Alexander McQueen's printed cropped pant (pictured above) and statement-making shoe are great example of this advantage.

More Sheer Fabrics

One of my favorite trends on this past summer and fall was sheer fabrics and sheer blocking and it looks like we're going to be seeing more of it in 2013. I feel like sheer tops and skirts are a more updated version of the "underwear as outerwear" trend that was popular a few years ago which was kind of hit or miss. Since most of the fabrics used in sheer designs are billowy and flowy, I really like that a lot of the sheer pieces that I've found have an ethereal and romantic feel to them.  Haider Ackermann (pictured above) and Giulietta are proponents of this trend.

What trends are you hoping to see in stores this season? What trends are you hoping will disappear forever? What were your favorite trends of 2012? Leave your thoughts in the comments

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