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FASHION FRIDAY: Fall Back Into Color

There are a few essentials that every girl should have this fall. So ladies, grab this list of our top five must haves for fall and find your way to the mall!

Colored and patterned skinnies:
This fall, when it comes to jeans, anything goes! Bold colors that were “in” this summer can be still be worn. But to add a little fall twist, choose earthy colors like burgundy, emerald green or even mustard yellow. For the patterned jeans, do anything from floral to animal prints. This will definitely take your denim to the next level!

Stand out shoes: Whether you wear flats or heels, there is an eye-catching shoe out there for you. This season, boots are back! Instead of grabbing the old pair from the back of your closet, invest in ankle boots. They are comfortable and versatile enough to be worn with anything you want. For the flat-lovers out there, a pair of smoking slippers or neon oxfords will do the trick. They’ll both add a pop of color to any outfit and help you step up your shoe game this season.

Color contrast cardi: A fresh, new take on the cardigans this season is a color blocked cardigan or sweater. Choose a cardigan with two basic colors for a more relaxed look. One that is outlined with a bright color (i.e. orange or pink) at the sleeves or neckline is even better. It will surely add a preppy style to your wardrobe.

Modern metallic: There are endless ways to spice up your wardrobe with just a hint of metallic. A sparkled top or pants paired with anything basic can make you look glamorous and chic. Jewelry is another way to get this look. Just add a chunky statement necklace or bracelet to help you shine.

Fall-setto nails: If you’re not ready to add the fall colors to your wardrobe, simply put them on your nails! Just grab a nail polish that falls into the color scheme that you wish you could wear. Anything from rusty oranges to plum purples and metallic can help you make a statement this fall.

Good luck shopping!

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