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The sun is shining even brighter in Tampa, with the rising temperatures making us pine for summer beach days. Though it’s so close we can definitely feel it, snatch up one of these Springy statement pieces that pack enough punch to stay cool all summer long. And in Florida, that just might be year-round!

With many pants and dresses with insufficient or non-existent pockets, handbags are not only a way to carry everything a collegiette™ needs, as well as an easy update to any outfit. This season, statement satchels are a trend that’s so fun and colorful, it can’t be ignored. From the runway to running around campus, it’s easier than ever to lighten up your wardrobe with this trend. The key is to find a bag with enough structure to make it glamorous and not juvenile. What’s the best way to incorporate a statement bag into your spring and summer looks?

For the Fearless

Style your statement handbag with a matching monochrome outfit to really pack a punch.  A look this bold is sure to turn heads, so rock on!

For the Girl who has Everything

What better way to carry just the day-to-day essentials than an oversized orange tote, like this giant one from Victoria Beckham? And by essentials, we mean everything that could possibly be needed to remedy any beauty emergency.

For the Classic

While giant orange carryalls and head-to-toe cobalt aren’t for everyone, an easy and practical way to rock this trend is to style a preppy, neutral outfit with a bright pop of color. Channel Lupita Nyong’o with a polished gray blazer, denim and a statement bag. The cherry red is bright and adds interest to an outfit while still feeling classic and not too trendy.  

For the Festivals

Summer is rapidly approaching, which means the season of Coachella, South by Southwest, Lollapalooza, and Bonnaroo. Even if you’re not going to any of these festivals, it’s fun to get inspired by the free-spirited and boho fashion sported by festival-goers. A fringed bag in a hue like cobalt puts a twist on the brown suede version often worn.  

How will you incorporate this trend into your wardrobe, collegiettes™?

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