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Ever Heard of UNIQLO?

If you haven’t heard of UNIQLO, you are definitely missing out on a hot new fashion brand. Originated in Japan, UNIQLO is a casual clothing brand that shouldn’t go unnoticed, especially during this upcoming winter season. Here are three reasons why you need to go there ASAP:

1. Wear the Rainbow

From neutrals to bright yellows, UNIQLO produces basic essentials in a wide range of colors. The products sold at UNIQLO utilizes colors and minimalistic patterns in order to give a simple but classy look. If you’re looking for a specific colored item, UNIQLO has you covered.


2. Cozy and Comfy

In addition to finding the perfect shade of red pants for this fall, you assured that any product from UNIQLO provides maximum comfort. Want to know the secret? Well, it’s in the detailed fabrication of the textile.  UNIQLO has their own research team constantly working to improve their fabric in order to provide you with clothing that you can’t help but cozy up to.


3. Two Word- Heat Tech

With the cold winter just around the corner, UNIQLO’s team has also engineered a fabric that is not only able to retain body heat but isn’t bulky either. Yes, UNIQLO has manufactured a line called “Heat Tech” which is made up of ultra-thing cutting-edge fibers that stores your body heat. This means you can stay warm and fashionable this winter without looking like a walking bundle of blanket.

UNIQLO has stores mainly based out of Japan, New York and California, in addition to a website. Check out the latest Fall and Winter styles from this fashionable clothing brand.

Hello, my name is Silvia. I am currently a junior majoring in mass communications with a concentration in public relations. I decided to choose public relations because I believe that it is the most applicable concentration when working in such a fast-paced, interactive industry such as fashion. My dream is to become a fashion magazine layout designer in Tokyo, Japan. I was born and raised in Japan and am currently in my third year living in the states. I grew up in Japan and have modeled with Japanese companies since I was in middle school. Some jobs I did include modeling, acting and even being an extra in a national movie. Through modeling, I was able to get first-hand experienced how much work and creativity goes into publishing a fashion magazine. Since then, I knew that fashion was and is going to be a part of my future career. I am prepared to do whatever it takes in order to achieve my dream job and make a mark in the fashion industry.
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