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Empowering Women at USF

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

Dr. Basely Ford sparked a well needed conversation across the nation. Women gathered, joined hands, got arrested, cried and protested for equality and for the right to express their experiences of sexual assault. Women advocated for, not only themselves, but also for other women around the world. Not only will this movement go down in history, but it was also a beautiful time to be able to see women coming together to support one another.

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I think we can do better when it comes to empowering each other on campus. Often times I see women sizing each other, fighting over guys, and only being kind to other girls who have the same physicality as them.

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We have this awful habit of pre-judging each other and possessing this egocentric behavior that patronizes others. Obviously, not every girl is this way, but I have seen way too many women leaving each other in the dirt.

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It is time to come together and to put our words into action. Many women across USF support Dr. Ford and the different hashtag movements that have trended worldwide, but what are you actually doing in your community to reassure those beliefs?

Photo courtesy of Pexels How about we start supporting our friends, helping out victims, and complimenting each other. Allowing ourselves to be fully open into experiencing different friend groups or joining a women’s club to be able to connect with one another. We waste time by fighting over guys and creating drama that is not even necessary.

Let’s be the change.

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