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By now, it’s safe to say that everyone has heard of the new movie coming out on September 23rd, 2022, called “Don’t Worry Darling,” but no one expected the absolute chaos that would come with it. Let’s break down the drama that ensued this week for the premiere of DWD at the Venice Film Festival.

In case you’ve somehow managed to avoid the drama for the past few months, the movie’s lead actress, Florence Pugh, is rumored to have had a falling out with its director, Olivia Wilde causing all eyes to be on them this week.

The movie premiered at the Venice Film Festival on Monday, September 5th, and more happened during that event than anyone could have anticipated.

Ahead of the red carpet premiere, the movie’s cast attended a press conference, but with no surprise, Florence was notably absent. Olivia was joined by Harry Styles, Chris Pine, and Gemma Chan while a moderator was fed questions from journalists to ask the cast.

Towards the end of the conference, one journalist addressed the elephant in the room, and asked Wilde if she could address where Florence was and asked her to clear the air regarding them having a falling out. 

She hinted that Florence couldn’t get to Venice before that evening’s premiere, saying: “Florence is a force, and we are so grateful she’s able to make it tonight despite being in production on Dune. I know as a director how disruptive it is to lose an actor, even for a day, so I’m very grateful to her…” she went on to add, “As for all the endless tabloid gossip and all the noise out there, I mean, the internet feeds itself. I don’t feel the need to contribute, I think it’s sufficiently well nourished.”

While that statement didn’t debunk their rumored falling out, it was time for the premiere after a long day of interviews and press.

Florence made sure to steal the show as she arrived on the red carpet wearing a black confetti, couture Valentino dress. The cast seemingly hyped Pugh up as she came on the carpet with Chris Pine snapping pictures of her while she performed for the cameras. 

It seems all the actors hyped her up except two. Olivia and Harry were the only ones that did not interact with “miss Flo” at all, BUT the drama doesn’t stop there.

Clips online surfaced from the festival that show Harry appearing to avoid Olivia as well, prompting speculation from fans that the pair may have broken up.

After group shots were taken outside the festival, it was time to head inside for the premiere. Once again, Olivia, Harry, and Florence were all separated by other actors. 

As the cast headed to their seats, one moment caught the world’s attention, sending fans online into an ultimate frenzy.

In an online video, Styles takes his seat next to Chris Pine, applauding, when suddenly Chris looks shocked as he stops clapping and glances down at his lap. Many people wondered what triggered this reaction before they took a closer inspection and concluded that Styles had spat onto his leg. 

This set the internet into complete mayhem, but the theory was debunked after fans pointed out that Chris was holding the glasses a second earlier and was unlikely to have forgotten where he’d put them so quickly.

If you thought the drama ended there, you’re wrong. In an article posted by Variety, as the audience clapped during the standing ovation, it seems that it would probably have gone on longer if Pugh hadn’t made her way for the exit about three minutes into the clapping, prompting the rest of the cast to follow her out.

Now if that doesn’t show Pugh’s disdain for Wilde, I don’t know what will.

Thus concludes arguably one of the most drama-filled movie premieres in history.

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