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Discovering New Bands So You Don’t Have To: The Sukis

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

I have to say, I am a huge sucker for indie bands, maybe it’s the distinct sound of the drums that just make headbanging feel liberating, or the lead singer’s voice that enchants the listener. Either way, indie bands are just amazing. 

As an avid indie band listener, you often come across fans that try to “gatekeep” their favorite band in order to preserve its “undergroundness.” So, I have decided to help my fellow indie-rock lovers out by sharing bands I absolutely adore and deserve all the recognition and love. Starting out with The Sukis, a band from the United Kingdom based in Hertfordshire.

Like other indie-bands, it’s important to know and feel the artist’s style and musicality. With inspiration from Artic Monkeys and Ed Sheeran, the band has managed to gain 1,426,017 monthly listeners. Here are just a few highlights from their discography:


Now, if you ever listen to random Spotify suggestions, chances are you have heard “Becca.” Not only is this The Sukis most streamed song (rightfully so), with 13,161,853 streams, but it also embodies the signature style the band goes for. The song plays with the feelings of falling in love with a girl named Becca, as the drums and guitar encompass the craziness and desperation that comes with crushing. A must listen-to for any Sukis fan. 


“Cherryade” is one of my favorite songs from The Sukis. While most of their discography is quick-tempoed, this song distinguishes itself by being calmer and softer. The little pauses create the emotion of high-school nostalgia whilst reminiscent of early Artic Monkeys. Not only fun to sing to, but a great song to show the diversity within The Sukis. 

“Bureaucratic Smack”

Unlike the past two songs, “Bureaucratic Smack” digs deeper into the first releases from The Sukis. Faster and stronger, the guitar played by Tige makes itself very present, echoing the anger towards society within the lyrics. One can imagine themselves listening to this whilst jumping up and down, as the guitar solo near the end takes the wind.

“Morning Sun”

A relatively new release, “Morning Sun” takes on a different energy never seen before by The Sukis. More relaxed, this song implements sounds from the ‘80s to ramp the feeling of longing explored in the lyrics, further emphasized by the female vocals.

“Lucy (Demo)”

Ending with one of the earlier releases by The Sukis is “Lucy.” This song is a lot more experimental than other Sukis releases, but also shows the band’s origin. I consider this song to be the sound equivalent of what a rock concert would look like, with headbanging, jumping, and crazy bass. Listen to this whenever you feel mad, or don’t.

Don’t forget to listen to The Sukis latest EP A Sense of Doubt on Spotify!

mar is a double major in international studies & world languages and culture at usf. she hopes to go to law school after graduating to pursue international human rights law. she can be found daydreaming about love, making a million playlists on spotify, or crocheting the night away. legend says she dilly-dallies around the campus...