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Christmas in New York …as told by a New Yorker.

If you ask any New Yorker what their favorite time of the year is, they will undoubtedly answer Christmas season. Although walking through the city during this season without getting pushed and shoved is nearly impossible, there is no better feeling of holiday spirit than what you experience in New York. I’m here to give New Yorker’s favorite things about the holiday season. So next time you’re visiting our beloved city, you too, can appreciate these as well.


1. Season of Giving

You know Christmas is around the corner, when you can spot Salvation Army volunteers on every corner wearing their red aprons and Santa hats, while ringing their loud, and frankly obnoxious bells. Yet, I still smile and donate extra change from my Subway fare every time I walk by, even if they do stand in the most inconvenient locations.  


2. Fifth Avenue

It’s not the holiday season unless you walk down Fifth Avenue and inevitably stop to gape in awe at the window displays. The typical mannequin filled windows are magically transformed into works of art that remind you just how spectacular New York is. 


3. The Radio City Christmas Show.

It’s not the holidays in the city if you don’t see this show advertised on at least one taxicab. Radio City is home to the Rockettes, the embodiment of the New York Christmas season. Although they claim to change the show up every year, a true New Yorker knows not much variation goes on within the show; yet it’s still so fun to see every year.


4. Rockefeller Plaza

The Rockefeller ice skating rink is what most people associate with New York, especially during Christmas time. I love visiting the rink and taking my annual picture in front of the Rockefeller tree, but my favorite part is watching the skaters from above on the balcony that overlooks the rink. I can’t count how many people I’ve witnessed get engaged on that skating rink and every time it get’s more amazing to watch.


5. FAO Schwartz

There’s something about visiting a toy store at 19 years old that still excites me. But not any ordinary toy store, FAO Shwartz to be exact. During the holiday season, this two story toy store is booming with customers. Although I don’t actually buy any toys, it’s fun to look around and experiment with all the new innovative products. If you ever happen to find yourself on the second floor near the animal collection, try on the all the different, crazy hats. They make for good selfies! Oh, and the floor piano is pretty cool too.  


6. Bryant Park

Many tourists neglect other parks in New York City, other than Central Park. I’m here to share with you my favorite and most lively place to be on a cold winter night in the city- Bryant Park. They have shops located all around its perimeter year-round, but it’s more fun to check those little shops out during the holiday season, as their items make for great stocking stuffers. There’s also this small crepe stand right in front of the skating rink that makes the most delicious nutella and strawberry crepes. And they fold it like a pizza, so it’s the best of both worlds!







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