Can I Get a Recount Please?

Jill Stein, the Green Party presidential candidate, has officially filed for a recount in Wisconsin on Nov. 25. Hillary Clinton has also joined the efforts in this recount process. The recount will start later this week after the recount fee has been completely processed.

What could this mean?

Well, Jill Stein is also in the process of getting recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan. This could possibly change the results of the election results. Stein has raised over $5 million to file and has only a few more days to file in the remaining states.

 Stein says she isn't doing this to help the Clinton campaign. But with the two party political system with have, it will only help the Democrat party. Regardless of your views, it makes you think whether this system works. 

The Green Party is putting pressure on the Clintons to challenge for a recount in some states, but nothing has been released yet. The Clinton's aren't even financially contributing to this campaign besides having lawyers present at the recount.

Trump believes this is only a "scam" by the Green Party. Obama also released an official statement announcing that Russian interference did not occur during the election process. This was the rumored reason for suspicious irregularities in voting trends. 

When this recount occurs, at least in Wisconsin, it shall be interesting to see the results. Do you think they will find these suspicious irregularities to be true? Will the recount actually change anything? Would you change anything?