Campus Celebrity: Shelby Fouts-Harley

When she isn't busy planning the University of South Floridas largest student-run philanthropy event, she is planning one of the many activities for her sorority. Shelby Fouts-Harley our fab Campus Celebrity of the week, and it is easy to see why: 

HC: How did you get involved here at USF?

Shelby: Well my freshman year one of my suitemates asked me to be a manager of a sports club on campus. I did that for a semester and I really enjoyed it, but ultimately I decided that I wanted to try something new. All of my friends were in a sorority, and after thinking about it, I decided to go through sorority recruitment. After joining Gamma Phi Beta, I got involved right away by joining the Homecoming Committee and playing intramural sports. Then, I got my big and she was so involved, which made me want to be more involved. I wanted to earn a position in the sorority, and because I loved being on the Homecoming Committee so much, I decided to run for Activities Chairwoman and be in charge of the homecoming committee. My big was also a part of Bulls for Kids, and she was super passionate about it. She kept telling me that it was really great, and after being a dancer last year, I decided to apply for a position on the Executive Board. I am now the Director of External Fundraising for Bulls for Kids, the Activities Chairwoman for Gamma Phi Beta and excited for future opportunities.


HC: Wow, you are involved in a lot. Did you always know that you wanted to go through sorority recruitment?

Shelby: When I was in high school I wanted to, but then I got to college and initially decided against it. During my sophomore year, I saw how much fun my friends were having, so I decided to go through.


HC: Well that's good that you decided to go through, and loved it! It sounds like you found a good role model in your big. 

Shelby: Yeah, I did. She is really passionate and gives everything her all. Her involvement in the sorority and on campus is a huge reason as to why I am so involved today. I was lucky to find such a good influence and friend in a big.


HC: Aw, that is so sweet! Now you two are on exec together- how was your transition from participant to exec member? 

Shelby: It is a lot more time consuming and I wasn't expecting that, but I do love it a lot. It is something that I have grown to be passionate about, and it is another second family here at USF. 


HC: That must be great to have. What are your plans for future involvement on campus?

Shelby: I would like to stay involved in Gamma Phi Beta leadership, and eventually earn a position on the Executive Board. I'd also love to stay on Executive Board for Bulls for Kids. I'm open to other leadership opportunities in the future, I guess I'll just have to see where these next couple of years take me!