Campus Celebrity: Balea Schumacher

Balea Schumacher is on our Executive Board, and our Campus Celebrity of the week! Balea is a mass communications major with a concentration in broadcasting, and she serves as our Director of Membership and Recruitment. Read more about our Campus Celeb here:


HC: How did you get involved at USF?

I got involved at USF by joining the Club Soccer Team, and also Her Campus


HC: Did you join Her Campus with this position in mind?

I looked at Her Campus and everything about the organization, and then filled out my application for my position


HC: What’s your favorite part of your position?

My favorite part about my position is that I get to meet a lot more people and be involved with communicating with the ambassadors and keeping them involved


HC: What would you say is the most challenging part?

The most challenging part is staying organized and staying up to date with what is the next event


HC: What are your goals as far as involvement goes this semester and beyond?

My goals will be to finally get Her Campus USF to the Pink Level, continue to grow the organization and make it known how awesome Her Campus is!