The Body Care We Don’t Want to Talk About

As women, we face a lot of double standards in the advertising industry.

One of the largest errors in portrayals of women is shaving. When a men’s shaving ad appears on the screen, it is perceived as sexy, casual, and chic. Women’s shaving commercials begin with a clean-shaven template, inaccurately portraying a woman’s body. A woman’s body naturally has hair, and whether or not she chooses to shave it, it is there. We are taught to hide our hair and to treat shaving as a private act.

Some brands are fighting against the secretive nature of shaving.

Photo courtesy of Teen Vogue

Billie, for example, has made tremendous strides in the beauty industry with their razor and body care commercials. From the homepage of their website to their Instagram ads, Billie features women with hair on their legs, toes, armpits, and anywhere else. They celebrate a woman’s right to shave or not, and they celebrate the idea it is a natural thing.

The subscription-based service offers unique razors and body care delivered at your door, at your convenience.

Photo courtesy of Fur

Another brand normalizing shaving and feminine care is Fur. Fur currently offers a signature oil, an ingrown concentrate, a body scrub, and a stubble cream. The brand’s minimal packaging brings a chic aspect to the realm of shaving and feminine care, normalizing the products to fit on your top shelf. Personally, I am a big fan of the Fur Oil and Silk Scrub. As someone who struggles with sensitive skin, KP, and eczema, these two products have worked wonders for me. The brand normalizes shaving in areas the media prefers not to discuss, putting the care of women first.

Photo courtesy of Fashionisers

Why is talking about our bodies so taboo?

Even as a woman, I feel awkward talking about shaving and vaginal care. It’s like a dirty topic, yet it is not. We have one body in which to live, so it only makes sense to take care of it.

These indie brands are fighting the stereotypes and misconceptions in the media with regards to female shaving, and hopefully, the future holds more of this.