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Be Content in Solitude

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

In August, I experienced a different type of self-love that I wish I could share to everyone. This self-love came from having the courage to go to Disney by myself. Yes, it might not sound like a big deal to you, or it might sound like something you would never do, but I felt a sense of freedom and bravery that I had not experienced in a while.

That day was wondrous. I did not have to feel like I had to have a conversation, or have to be concerned about what ride to ride next, or how many people can get on and what not. I was just simply present. I only went on my phone every once in awhile and embraced the awkwardness of being in line without using my phone as a coping mechanism.

Photo courtesy of Antônio Ferreira Neto 

I felt as if I broke some social stigma that our culture has deemed on us with the idea of being alone.

Photo courtesy of Александр Прокофьев 

People who are seen out by themselves are sometimes perceived as loners or even people who we cannot relate. We have what it seems like is an automatic sensor that sets off in our brains to feel bad forsomeone. Like those pictures where you see someone eating by themselves and those people who comment saying, “Awh I feel bad. I would deff sit with them.”


What if they just wanted to chill and enjoy some crab Rangoon? Some people do not feel the need to always be surrounded by a crowd.

Photo courtesy of Matej Čerkez

With that being said, I find that we need to value being alone. It is when we are by ourselves that we truly get to know who we are. Personally, I am not at my healthiest point when I am always surrounded by people. I feel drained, and anxiety hits me like it does not already live within me. I know that when I feel this way it is a lack of “me” time, so take that extra step to go eat by yourself, or go to Starbucks by yourself. Even if you need to sit in your car and have a pep talk before you go in, that is fine.

Being alone is needed. Stop being scared of what others are going to think. You are brave because you can do things by yourself and enjoy it. There are not too many people who can say that.

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