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Baggu is My Latest Accessory Obsession

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

Baggu is a lifestyle and bag brand that focuses on sustainability and style. It is one of my favorite brands and this is why it should be yours.

Baggu bags are made almost entirely out of recycled materials and are made without overproducing. One of their missions is to eliminate waste by minimizing materials and increasing durability. Sustainability is one of the most important factors of the company. They focus on sustainability across all areas of their company such as design, production, operations, marketing, and brand. 

They collaborate with other designers including Keith Harrington, Deadstock, Sanrio/Hello Kitty, etc. Some of their most popular products include their Nylon Cresent bags, reusable bags, as well as their other purses. They have many travel bags and travel needs such as various pouches and packing cubes. They also have various lifestyle items such as towels, socks, beach mats, tents, etc. The items come in different patterns, which are designed special to the brand, as well as different shapes, colors, and sizes. Their reusable bags come with their own pouches, so it is easy to take them on the go.

I own a few items from Baggu, and my favorite is the Nylon Crescent for $52. It is not only fashionable but it is truly long-lasting. The bag is so easy to accessorize as well. You can wear it crossbody or as a shoulder purse, and you can add fun keychains, buttons, and bows to the bag to personalize it.

Hello! I am Maya (She/Her). I currently go to the University of South Florida and pursuing a degree in Political Science and Journalism. My hometown is Orlando, Florida. I also love fashion, food, music, and meditation/yoga. I always strive for diversity and inclusion not only in my writing but to bring it to everyday conversation.