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Andrew Mittleman

Name: Andrew Mittleman

Graduation Year– 2012

Major– Philosophy

Relationship status– Single

Hometown– Syracuse, New York

Favorite Movie: The Dune Mini Series

Favorite Artist/ Band: Bayside

What do you do on campus: “The two things that I do on campus are volleyball and a ‘flavor of the month’ group, meaning I change it up every once in a while and try out new things. The first and second years I participated in the Fencing Club and so far in my Junior year I have been going to Phi Org (Philosophy Organization). Also, there is a sports group on campus that I go to but they don’t have a set name yet. Currently it is called ESPN @ USF.”

What do you plan on doing in the future: “I don’t know, I just generally want to graduate. After I graduate, I just want to take a couple years off from the chaos and relax and enjoy life with a low-profile job . I don’t want to rush into the office job thing yet. I don’t really have these long term set plans. Whatever happens, happens. My general plan is to graduate, spend a couple of years just working at a menial job and enjoying life and eventually moving into the work place, like a proper career. At some point, I would like a family and a place to call my own.”

Interests: “Listening to music, Science fiction books, philosophy, politics, sports (primarily football, and occasionally hockey), MOVIES (lots and lots and all different types), the occasional video game here and there, and skiing (preferably Breckinridge and Keystone in Colorado).”

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