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To say I merely love the movie theater is an understatement.

 If I could go see a movie in theaters every day, I would. I love the movie theater. The reclining seat, the surround sound, and the ever-present aroma of fresh popcorn. My favorite thing about the movie theater is the immersion with the movie, having my undivided attention towards the screen. I love the movies so much that I’ve invested in an AMC A List Pass, a 24-dollar month charge that is worth every penny. 

In fact, I think it’s the only way to go to the movies, especially if you find yourself going at least twice a month. AMC A List is an AMC-exclusive program where you pay a monthly fee to see 12 movies a month, or 3 a week at any AMC theater. 

This price also includes any type of theater, letting you choose different versions of a movie, like 3D or IMAX, with no extra charge. Additionally, it is easy to get tickets, just reserving your spot on the app before you arrive at the theater. There are also a variety of deals you get for being a member. 

The AMC A-List also lets you watch a movie as many times as you like. For instance, I have watched the new Super Mario Bros movie three times in the past week, seeing it with different loved ones who wanted to watch it with me. I never grow tired of going to the movies, so I don’t mind rewatching movies, especially if I can use my pass. 

The AMC A-List is simple to use and is a great way to make plans for date night or to just enjoy in your free time. If you like movies like I do, this pass is worth it.

Hi! My name is Penelope, but everyone calls me Penny. I am an undergraduate student at the University of South Florida majoring in marketing and integrated PR and advertising. I'm a proud, communicative Gemini, who is excited to share on Her Campus! Some of my interests include watching movies (I consider myself an 80's movie aficionado), listening to music, going to concerts, and following hockey.