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Alexander23 performing at USF Bullstock
Alexander23 performing at USF Bullstock
Original photo by Maya Gluck
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Alexander23 Is Performing at USF!

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Hi all! I hope everyone at USF is getting excited for our little spirit week this week! This week definitely encompasses the pride we all share for being USF students and has a ton of different activities, which range from guest speakers to Bullstock, a mini concert that USF holds every year with smaller artists free of cost to students. This year, one of my absolute favorite artists, Alexander23, is performing. He is a smaller, pop artist who I have seen in concert once and it was so much fun! He is an incredible performer, and the one I know the most out of the three artists performing, so I thought I would recommend some of my favorite songs of his!

First, one of my favorite of his songs was from 2019, “High School.” It’s more of a mellow song encompassing the nostalgia of a first love. If you like slower music with a chiller vibe, this song is definitely for you. His vocal range is also so impressive, a side note for this song.

Second, he did a collaboration with Jeremy Zucker, another popular indie pop artist that went viral for a few of his songs. “Nothing’s the Same,” a song about recognizing changes in your life, was extremely popular when Alexander23’s 2021 EP Oh No, Not Again! came out. I love to go back to this song for a nice little study vibe and just to relax in general.

Lastly, one of his lesser known songs, “Track 9,” is also on the 2021 EP, but is truly one of my favorites. He recounts one of his old loves who would be listening to the song from an outsider perspective. It is less upbeat, but again is another good study track.

Overall, definitely look into his music if you’re interested before Bullstock this Friday to show some support at the concert! I will for sure be there and hope everyone stays safe and has a great time this spirit week!

Hi ! My name is Jess and I'm a second year at USF Tampa studying criminology with a minor in intelligence studies. I love iced chais, anything crystal related, and writing advice articles!