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Autumn is by far my favorite season of the year. I love pumpkin flavored beverages, decorating my room for Halloween, wearing cozy sweaters, and the fact that it occurs during libra season. However, my absolute favorite thing about autumn is the warmth and the feelings of change and transformation that surround the season. Here are some albums I’ll have on repeat this fall that really capture this energy. 

Blue Banisters by Lana Del Rey

Blue Banisters is Lana Del Rey’s eighth studio album, and one of her finest. The instrumentals on this album are very acoustic and piano based, giving it that cozy fall feeling. Some of the main lyrical themes of the album include change, self discovery, and love. My favorite tracks on this album are “Nectar of the Gods,” “Living Legend,” “Violets for Roses,” and “If you Lie Down with Me.” This album is definitely worth listening to if you love an acoustic jazz sound, and if you’re experiencing some self transformation this fall. 

Blonde on Blonde by Bob Dylan

Blonde on Blonde is American legend Bob Dylan’s seventh studio album. This album is an absolute classic, and it captures the autumn blues perfectly. Dylan’s music has a somewhat campy vibe. Listening to this album feels like going on a silly journey to a pumpkin patch while looking at fall foliage along the way. My favorite tracks on this album are “I Want You,” “Most Likely You Go Your Way,” “Pledging My Time,” and “Absolutely Sweet Marie.” If you want a more fun and folky sound this fall, Blonde on Blonde is a great listen. 

Room on Fire By The Strokes

Room on Fire is The Strokes’ second studio album. This album strays from the folk sound of the albums I previously mentioned. It has a more indie garage sound. The instrumentals on this album feel like a warm sweater and pumpkin scented candles. The lyrical themes on the album include lost love, changing, and new perspectives, which is exactly what fall is about. My favorite tracks on this album are “Between Love and Hate” (which is my all time favorite song by The Strokes), “What Ever Happened,” “The End Has No End,” and “Under Control.” If you’re really feeling yourself change like the colors of the leaves, then Room on Fire is a perfect album for you. 

One of the best things about fall is the feelings of change, warmth and transformation that surround the season. If you’re someone who is feeling transformation coming, or just want some music that feels warm and suits the season, then I would recommend listening to all of these albums. I can’t wait to start listening to these albums on repeat and enjoy what changes this autumn brings. 

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