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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at USF chapter.

The full moon is the only time of month I’ll ever look forward to, and I’m sure some of you agree with me there. So light up your incense, pull out your favorite crystals (or go buy some!), and read along to see my beginner’s guide to taking full advantage of that gorgeous full moon.

First off, your incense of choice should already be lit. My personal favorites for the full moon are lavender or sweetgrass for some relaxation, but maybe even Kamasutra if I’m in that kinda mood. *insert wink here*

Now that your vibes are set, cleanse your space to help get rid of any negativity and set a blank slate for what’s to come. Since white sage is a part of a closed practice, yes even if you bought it at Urban Outfitters, I personally don’t recommend using it for cleansing unless you’re Indigenous yourself. I usually burn a blend of dried cedar, bay, eucalyptus, and lavender to cleanse my area instead. There are also some great cleansing sprays available at metaphysical shops that will help you do the same thing.

Everyone has their own favorite way of manifesting on full moons, but I like to use it as a time to reflect on myself and my life.

  • What am I thankful for?
  • What would I like to let go of?
  • What’s holding me back
  • What would I like to attract?

I take a little sheet of paper, and write down my answers to those four questions, then I fold it up, hold it close to me, and meditate for a minute. I try to focus on those things I’ve written, and how I’ll feel once I’ve let go of what’s holding me back and attracted what I’m calling in. Once I feel content, I sit outside on my patio with a nice warm cup of tea and set the paper aflame to watch it burn down to ash, in a fire safe bowl that I’m closely supervising of course. We don’t want to burn down any buildings just yet.

Then, I meditate more with a few of my favorite crystals and leave them out overnight to charge under the light of the full moon. Just don’t forget to bring them back inside before rushing off to class in the morning like yours truly has done one too many times.

The full moon is a reminder for me to take time to care for myself and check in on how I’m honestly feeling, without worrying about what anyone else may think.

Olivia is a senior at the University of South Florida majoring in Integrated Public Relations and Advertising and minoring in Creative Writing. She loves to explore different topics in her writing, from mental health to all things witchy. In her free time she loves to write poetry, read romance books, try new recipes, and get more tattoos.