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Ned Fulmer, now a former member of the Try Guys, has been the center of a whirlwind of drama ever since it was revealed to the public that he had cheated on his wife, repeatedly, with a coworker. Ned is honestly most well known for being a wife guy, saying “my wife” this and “my wife” in practically every other sentence.

You’d think a guy who loves to talk about his wife publicly would maybe love her enough to not cheat on her? But nope, the world is yet again disappointed by a man. Shocker.

How anyone could cheat on Ariel, his wife, is beyond me, because she seems to be a gorgeous person inside and out and has been so supportive of Ned’s career, even being featured in the Try Guys content herself, but that’s beside the point.

In Ned’s attempt at owning up to his actions, he described his affair as a “consensual workplace relationship” which instantly dumbfounded me and ticked me off.

Why, you may ask?

Two single coworkers who are at the same level career wise can have a “consensual workplace relationship.” A company founder and employee, with a clear power dynamic— because I’m sure he has an input on her salary— cannot. When you are put in a position like that, you’re going to go along with what the person who has power suggests.

We still don’t know the details behind the arrangement he had with this woman but based on the reactions I’ve seen from the Try Guys, there’s got to be something more to it than just an innocent mistake of a fling, which still wouldn’t even be justifiable because he’s married and a COMPANY FOUNDER.

Did he push to hire her because he thought she was pretty, did he make her a prevalent part of the video production process because he wanted to get closer to her, just what were his motives and how long was this going on?

Honestly, it’s not my business to know, but that doesn’t stop the disappointment that comes along with finding out that someone you’ve watched for years isn’t who they made themselves seem to be.

Eugene, Zach, and Keith would never…

at least I hope.

Olivia is a senior at the University of South Florida majoring in Integrated Public Relations and Advertising and minoring in Creative Writing. She loves to explore different topics in her writing, from mental health to all things witchy. In her free time she loves to write poetry, read romance books, try new recipes, and get more tattoos.