7 Make-Up Brands for People of Color

Many women of color know that struggle of going to their local drugstore and not being able to find any foundation colors that match their skin.  They walk down the lip color aisle and it is very rare that they can find colors that can actually show up on their skin without making them look like something that came out of a cartoon. The make-up brands that do offer a wider variety can be pricey, below are seven make-up brands that will save you from having to fork those bucks on a higher-end but pricey MAC or NARS (after all, we are college students).


1. Queen Collection by CoverGirl

Created in collaboration with actress, rapper, and talk show host extraordinaire Queen Latifah, The Queen Collection, made specifically for women with darker complexions. This brand has been universally loved by customers and critics for its versatility and reasonable prices.


2. Milani

Another cosmetics brand that caters to women of deeper skin tones, Milani is another brand that is affordable and great for women of color. Their philiosphy is all about “color, color, and more color” So if you are looking for a brand that will provide vibrant bright colors in terms of lip and eye color Milani is a great brand to try. Milani can be found at most of your local drugstore.


3. Lamik

As one the first eco-friendly make-up brands to hit shelfs Lamik Cosmetics, provides a wide variety of products for all skin tones  that are “eco-chic” and also all recyclable. Lamik cosmetics products can be ordered on their website.


4. Hue Noir

What is great about this make-up line is that it is organic and bio-degradable. Unfortunately this brand is not found in stores but can be ordered online with free shipping and free returns.


5. Shea Moisture

Known for their hair products for curly hair since 1912, Shea Moisture has branched out and decided to add make-up to the list of products they provide. A good thing about all Shea Moisture’s products is they made with natural ingredients, and have no sulfates or parabens. Shea Moisture make-up products can be exclusively found at Target.


6. ColourPop Cosmetics

Although not made exclusively for women of color, ColourPop cosmetics colors do just that: pop. The color pay off with these products is amazing and very true to the shade that it is labeled as. This brand is ideal for anybody of any shade. ColourPop products can be ordered from their website ColourPop.com


7. Iman

Created by internationally known super-model Iman, Iman cosmetics is probably the best-known cosmetic brand sold in stores today. Many of their products are winners of awards like Essence Best in Black Beauty Awards, you can be sure to find what you are looking for here with this brand. It can be found at your local drugstore.