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5 Unique Hair Colors That Look Great

1. Lavender

Unlike a deep, dark purple, lavender looks good on almost any skin tone, on any spectrum of Snow White pale to Sun Goddess tan.


2. Silver/ Grey

This might be one of the most popular new hair trends of the fall season, with celebrities like Ariana Grande dying their hair this specific hue. Just make sure you don’t dye your hair completely white without adding the silver/ grayish tint!


3. Black with Blue Tips

Kylie Jenner started it all- this specific color mix looks ideal on warm skin tones, like tan or olive tones.


4. Split Hair

This is a new one, which I had stumbled upon while reading Cosmopolitan. It is also not for the shy or weak hair dyers. Split hair is hair that is dyed two contrasting colors on both sides, like blue on the left, pink on the right. It’s trendy, and will definitely turn heads.


5. Opal/ Pastel Hair

Rainbow hair is a thing of the past- the new trend for multicolored hair are pastel colors, such as light blues, pinks, purples and greens. 

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