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5 Tips for Getting Ready for Finals Week

This fall semester has sped right by us! Though it doesn’t seem like 4 months could pass by so quickly, they certainly have. It feels like last week we were dropping balloons during Week of Welcome and just yesterday we celebrated our Bulls Pride during Homecoming week. And yet, now finals are upon us. Prepare yourselves collegiettes™. But don’t worry, if you aren’t ready for your finals yet, Her Campus will help you out. Here are 5 ways to get ready for finals week.


1.      Study.

A mandatory requirement of preparing yourself for finals week is to study. Make a list of the finals you have to take next week as well as the dates and times. Study by order of importance. If you have an exam on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, focus on the Monday one first. But be sure to study for around the same amount of time on all of your exams. Don’t focus too much on your first test because then you might not have enough time to study for the second. But if you have a Spanish exam and a Pop Music exam, spend more time on Spanish. If one exam will surely be harder than the others, commit some extra time to being ready.

Also, what matters most is how you study. Whether you work better with the television on in the background, or absolute silence, be dedicated to studying and retaining the information needed. Everyone has different study patterns, so do what works best for you. Personally, I study best by myself with soft music playing in the background. Others work better in study groups though, so get together with a few people from your class to prepare for the final. Above all, studying is the most important part of preparing for finals week!

2.      Sleep.

It is essential to get enough sleep during finals week! Realistically, this is college and I highly doubt everyone is getting their necessary 7-8 hours of sleep every night. But during finals week, strive to get to sleep for a reasonable amount of time. Sleeping helps retain the information you have studied and will help you feel refreshed when it’s time to take that test. Instead of spending your day just hanging out with friends, manage your time by studying throughout the day so you won’t have to be up all night.

3.      Eat.

Don’t be so stressed out with studying that you forget to eat real meals. Sure, that granola bar will hold you over for another hour as you power through those Psychology flashcards, but soon you’ll be feeling hungry all over again. Dining halls and various restaurants are on campus for a reason. Go eat! If you’re in the library, take a break and grab a Subway sandwich real quick. If you’re in the Marshall Student Center, take advantage of the many food options right downstairs.

4.      Wear comfy clothes.

Don’t worry about wearing that new outfit you got for sale on Black Friday, instead opt for something cute and comfortable. Victoria Secret has a wide variety of cute sweat suits perfect for sitting in a desk for three hours straight. If you’ve exhausted your supply of sweatpants, there are plenty of other ways to be finals week ready. Pair your jeans or leggings with boots and a warm sweater.

5.      Get out of your dorm room.

If you are starting to feel cramped up in your dorm room studying, there are many other places on and off campus perfect for studying. The Marshall Student Center is opened for extended hours during finals week. In addition, head over to the library or Starbucks. In the library, you can reserve private study rooms or just grab a table in Starbucks with Pumpkin Spice latte in hand. Another great place to study is Collins Park located behind the library. There are many tables, benches and even swings that make for a relaxing study environment. If too many people are at the library for your liking, go right over to the Solar Rotary located behind Cooper Hall. You can get some fresh air and rub the meteorite in the center if you feel like you’re in need of some good luck. Even beyond there, campus is full of benches and Wi-Fi is available everywhere. Don’t be stuck up in your room during finals week!

Hopefully these tips help you prepare for finals week. Just don’t stress! There is no reason to get yourself worked up over a few tests. You are a strong and smart collegiette™! You can do this! Plus look on the bright side; finals mean one step closer to winter break!


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Jasmin Lankford is a junior at the University of South Florida majoring in mass communications with a minor in creative writing. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus USF. Jasmin is also the Communications committee chair of the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Student Leadership Society and the Media Coordinator of The Poets at USF. She loves to write about literature, fashion, art, student life and pop culture. She aspires to publish a bestselling book, write and edit for a newspaper or magazine, travel the world, and more. Read her blog here!
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