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5 Reasons You Should Take a Break from Makeup

Most women nowadays can’t leave the house without wearing makeup. It makes them feel fearless. It builds up some kind of an armor that makes them feel powerful, and they consequently start believing in themselves. The real question, though, is does makeup build self-confidence or insecurity? While makeup does make a lot of women look good, it may also make them feel insecure on the inside as they start to doubt their natural beauty. But you ARE beautiful the way you are, and here are five reasons why you should take a break from makeup (think of it as a two-week challenge):

1. Your skin gets healthier

Makeup actually clogs your pores and makes you break out. All the trapped oils and dirt make it harder for your skin to breathe. Therefore, taking a break from makeup makes it much easier to achieve a glowing, clean and healthy skin.

2. People will notice your natural beauty

At first, people are going to notice that you look different and, to be honest, some might even ask you if you are tired; however, once they realize that you are not wearing makeup, they will admire your bare face and truly see your natural beauty. Remember, you have to stop wearing makeup in order for others to see your real beauty that is hiding under!

3. Saves you more time

Think of all the time you waste every morning putting on your makeup, when you could still be getting your beauty sleep instead! You could still even use the extra time to pamper yourself differently by painting your nails or doing your hair.

4. The feeling of water on your bare skin

You can wash your face any time throughout the day without having to worry about smearing your makeup or smudging your mascara! Nothing feels better more than having refreshed, clean skin.

5.  Helps you get rid of your rooted in insecurity

Once you learn to embrace your natural beauty, you will be happier as you will love yourself more for who you are. You realize that you look better than what you thought, and you will no longer be afraid of letting the whole world see you without makeup.


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