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It’s officially October! Spooky season is finally here, and if you need date ideas that fit the fall vibe, look no further. Maybe you just met someone and need first-date ideas, or maybe you’re in a long-term relationship and planning fun date nights. No matter how long you’ve been together, this list of bone-chilling, pumpkin-loving date ideas is perfect for you and your date!

Pumpkin Carving

I mean, obviously. Carving pumpkins is the Halloween staple, but you and your date can kick it up a notch and combine this activity with a picnic (spooky/fall-themed food and drinks would be adorable). You could even make your pumpkin carvings match!

Spooky Movies

What better excuse to cuddle up next to someone than a scary movie? Even if you’re not a huge fan of horror/thriller movies, you can always watch Halloween episodes of your favorite shows or find some spooky-themed movies that aren’t super terrifying. Regardless, snuggles are the biggest bonus of this date.


Have you ever looked up Halloween recipes? You can find some adorable baking ideas to make a date out of. I’m talking ghost cake pops, skull-shaped apple pie, pumpkin muffins, etc. You can even combine this one with the spooky movie date, so you have something to do while whatever you’re making is in the oven. If there aren’t snacks involved, I don’t want it.

Apple Picking

This one has been on my list for so long. Literally just google “apple picking near me,” and find a farm where you and your date can go pick apples and take cute pictures. It gives you the perfect excuse to wear that fall outfit you’ve been planning, and you’ll have adorable Instagram pictures. Plus, then you’ll have apples for pie later. Knock out three birds with one stone!

Haunted Houses

If you’re like me and you’re itching for a good scare, take your date to some haunted houses! My boyfriend and I are going to Howl-O-Scream this year, and I am beyond excited. This date is perfect, whether it’s with someone you don’t know super well yet or someone you’ve been with for years. What better way to bond than by getting the wits scared out of you?

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